Nowadays, blogs are probably one of the most popular, most interesting and most democratic ways of expressing oneself, or conveying a massage and can, in some cases, even be considered a form of art.

As the phenomenon continues getting bigger and bigger, we have now seen blogs of nearly any kind. Among the most popular ones in Italy, there is Beppe Grillo’s blog, and many actors, musicians and politicians especially have followed his example, even though it will be difficult for them to reach a similar audience.

And that is the main point: blogs are not about esthetics, you do not necessarily need to have a beautiful, stylish page, you do not need flash animations; content is what matters. The only thing that matters!
It is all about having interesting, fresh content, be it articles, photos, images or videos, what counts is the interest factor and the periodic update of the page.

Blogs leave plenty of room for your imagination. Creativity is actually one of the most important aspects when you consider starting a blog. Popular blog types are travel blogs, photo blogs, blogs about music, artists, sports, tv shows, but also about pets, cooking, gardening and so on…
Once you have chosen the subject, or subjects you want to write about, stick with them and try to be as constant as you can be with posting some interesting stuff for your readers and followers. Try to find out which posts have worked best and try posting similar content. Not too much, though, or you would risk boring your audience.

There are several free platforms on the internet that allow you to build your own blog. Generally, they have very simple interfaces and are very simple to use, allowing you to build very appealing sites the easiest way. Among the best and most popular platforms, we have WordPress, Google’s blogger, and Joomla, but there are also tons of other providers and websites, which offer similar services, though some are also paying.